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VuyinaJohannesburg-based singer/songwriter, Vuyina, has released her debut single "I know" accompanied with a live/unplugged video of the song, featuring Ruby Gill on piano.

The Indiego team asked Vuyina to tell us a bit about herself and the debut single:

Before we move on to the questions about your new release "I know", could you briefly tell us a bit about yourself.
• Where did you grow up?
I was born and grew up in Johannesburg but my entire family is from the Eastern Cape

• How did you get into music?
I started posting videos on YouTube when I was 14 trying to get myself noticed. In September of last year I posted a cover of Madison Beer's "All for Love" and it was noticed by a talent scout in America who wanted me to go to America in June of this year (2016). Our local pharmacist then recommended someone who had worked for him and was in the music industry, Alan Shenton. Alan then connected me with Greg Carlin and that's how it all started.

• Are you a full time or part-time musician?
Right now I'm a part time musician as I am still in school.

• What are you doing now?
Right now I'm working on a lot of new music.

Before we go any further, watch and listen to Vuyina's song "I know"

Did you write the song? If not, who wrote the song?
The song was written by Greg Carlin, Ruby Gill and I.

Is this your first official video release? If not, how many videos have you released so far?
This is the first official video release.

Who directed and produced the video?
Greg Carlin

Tell us a bit about the song? What's it about?
The song is about a friend going through a tough time and thinking they have no one to turn to. It was written to reassure people that they are never really going through something alone.

This is a live unplugged video. What is it like doing a live take?
It was a lot of fun. It is very different from recording in a studio where you can take as many takes as you need in case you make a mistake. You have to try to make it perfect when it is live.

Ruby Gill is the pianist. How did she get involved in your song?
She was working with Greg when we all first met and Greg suggested that she could help.

Where was the video shot?
The video was shot at Greg Carlin's house. We wanted to make the video very simple.

Is this song part of an album? Are there any plans to do an album at a later stage?
I'm working on an EP that might be released next year.

What are your immediate plans for the next few months, especially after this song & video release?
The plan is to release my next single and finish some new songs to release possible next year.

The Indiego team would like to wish Vuyina all the best in her career and we look forward to hearing a lot more about her.

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