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Hezron Chetty has released his debut album " The Fallacy of Composition" and has also released the first video single from the album. The Indiego team had the pleasure of interviewing Hezron to find out more about the album, the first music video of the album, and a bit more about himself.

Hezron Chetty

Indiego: Before we move on to the questions about your new album and video, could you briefly tell us a bit about yourself. Who is “Hezron Chetty”?

Hezron: I am a musician through and through! My life literally revolves around music - day and night. I am a person with strong beliefs about staying true to myself, and get very passionate about my music projects. I enjoy having a balance in life - I work hard and I play hard. Being a muso is a constant struggle, but I thrive off the challenge. My weapon of choice is the violin and I use it to entertain, inspire and blow people’s minds!

Indiego” How long have you been playing the violin for? Do you play any other instruments?

Hezron: I have been playing the violin for 23 years (since I was 8 years old) and I also play the harmonium, guitar, drums and keyboard.

Before we go on further with questions about the album and video, please take a look and listen to Hezron's music video "Chasing Kings' which is the first official single release from the album.

Indiego: Is “The Fallacy of Composition” your first official album release? Did you release it as an independent?

Hezron: Yes, the Fallacy of Composition is my first official album release and I released it independently through my record label Mad Violinist Productions, which I started up with my business partner Julienne Fenwick.

Indiego : What made you choose that name for the album? Sounds quite deep!

Hezron: I believe in the principle of supply and demand. Everything in life hangs on a delicate balance between what we want, and what we can have. The best things in life are often the most expensive or rare! My album gives you the option for those who prefer the sophistication of me playing solo violin; and for those with a more experimental side, the drums and bass combine my African-rocker side, for a completely different vibe and upbeat experience. Who says you have to choose?

Indiego: Did you compose all the songs on the album?

Hezron: Yes I wrote all the melodies for each song. The album producer, Rudi Greyvenstein of the Kickstands, helped me splice together the arrangements in creative ways I hadn’t thought of.

Indiego: Where did you record the album? (studio?) Did you play a role in the production? (If you can, please name the producer/s and some of the musicians who played on the album)

Hezron: I recorded the album at ‘Vervet Underground’ in Durban - Rudi Greyvenstein’s studio. He did the mixing and mastering (production). We both worked on aspects of the production as I’m a hands-on artist. He is an excellent producer.

Indiego: Tell us a bit about the video.?

  • Indiego:What is the story in the video?

Hezron: The story of the video is pretty much a metaphor for my life: The King represents the challenges I‘ve faced, the oppression I have felt at times; the Queen symbolises temptation and the mysterious cloaked woman represents the strong female figures in my life that have saved me every time.

In the video I am a slave to the King, and he orders me to play for him and his queen on my violin. I inadvertently seduce the queen with my song, and the king goes insane with jealousy. He orders my death, and an action-packed chase scene ensues. All along the journey, a mysterious being watches me, waiting for me to fall. She miraculously finds me and heals my wounds, resurrecting me from the lake where I was sure to perish. I rise and defeat the king, running off into the forest a free man.

After a life of people telling me what I can and can’t do, I’m ready to take a stand and follow my dream of playing my own music to those who want to listen - unadulterated by preconceived limitations (taught to me in school and university) and undaunted by life’s hurdles.

  • Indiego: Who directed and produced the video?

Hezron: Julienne Fenwick and I produced the video and it was directed by Alfonzo Franke from Muti Films. Muti Films were the production company we hired to make the video - check them out at www.mutifilms.co.za

  • Indiego: Were you involved in the creative aspects of the video?

Hezron: It was an in-depth collaboration between Alfonzo and myself. After getting to know more about me, we listened to the song and he visualised the story line. He managed to capture exactly who I am and what I believe in, without me having to prescribe anything! I left the creative details to the amazing team at Muti Films.

  • Indiego: Where was the video shot? (location)

Hezron: The video was shot in Cape Town at various locations including De Waal Park and Newlands Resevoir (where I nearly caught pneumonia for the lake scene) and the underwater scenes were shot in a swimming pool by a family kind enough to let us use their home.

Indiego: What are your immediate plans for the next few months, especially after the album and video release?HezCloseRezsizedSmall

Hezron: I will be doing a KZN Tour in December, (Smoking Dragon festival for new year’s eve), a Johannesburg tour in February, followed by a national tour in April. Later next year I head to Europe to play in my favourite city - London! That trip will include gigs in France, Spain and Sweden. I am also already working on my next album (something even more adventurous).

Indiego: When can we expect your next video?

Hezron: We have started working on ideas for the next video already - you can expect it to be nothing like the first. I am going to go for a thought-provoking video with an intriguing artistic slant.

Indiego: If you had to choose one musician to collaborate with, who would it be?

Hezron: Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin or Dan Patlansky.

Indiego: Where can fans catch you in the next few days/weeks if they would like to see you perform live?

Hezron: I will be opening for Arno Carstens in Tulbach on 5 December, and joining his band in Kirstenbosch Gardens on the 6th of December. I’m going up to the Drakensberg to play at the ‘Smoking Dragon New Years Eve Festival‘, ‘Little Gig’ in February near CT and possibly the J & B Met in Jan.

Indiego: What would you like to say to your fans and potential new fans out there?

Hezron: Don’t be afraid to let yourself enjoy music without vocals! My melodies will take you to places you haven’t been before - people tell me that they embark on a journey during my show, and feel somehow inspired afterwards. My music is an extension of my emotions, a direct channel to whatever I am feeling, and sharing in this experience is something truly special for me and my fans.

Lastly, please support SA musicians, there are some very talented acts in this beautiful country, and we need to show our appreciation by going to live shows!

Hezron's music can be purchased on bandcamp by clicking on the following link: :


(for android and itunes)

Hezron ChettyThe Indiego Team would like to wish Hezron all the best with his music career and we are sure that we are going to hear a lot more about Hezron in the near future.




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