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Singer/actress and dancer, Jacqui Carpede, has released her album "Ready to love". The Indiego team had the opportunity of interviewing Jacqui and asked her about her album and her plans for the future. Also included in the article are links to some of the songs and videos.

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Indiego: Before we move on to the questions about your album release, could you briefly tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Jacqui Carpede"?
Jacqui: I'm a singer and an actress, who many people may remember from being a member of the all-girl group Jamali. I had entered the SABC 1 reality show, Coca Cola Pop Stars, in 2004, and was teamed up with Mariechan Luiters and Liesl Penniken, to form the group. We were eventual runners up (the winners were the boy band Ghetto Lingo). Jamali released 4 successful albums in the past 10 years and we also managed to win a SAMA award along the way for our album "3rd Base".
To go back to where it started: I was born in Eldorado Park and I had always wanted to be a performer. I started dancing at the age of 7. I entered the "Reach for the Stars" talent competition at age 12. In the following years, I entered a few competitions where I was runner up or a finalist in some of them. I also performed in a resort in Turkey and in a few productions in Sun City.
I am also very fortunate in that I have managed to venture into acting and have performed in several theatre productions.

Indiego: As you mentioned previously, many of us know you as a member of Jamali, but is this your first official album release as a solo artist?
Jacqui: Yes indeed, "Ready to love" is my debut album as a solo artist.

Indiego: Did you write all the songs on the album? If not, who are some of the songwriters?
Jacqui: I wrote all the songs on the album; I co-wrote my current single "Uyagcwala" with Shota Mdabe; I also collaborated with an artist called Shatti on the track "Nowhere"

Indiego: Who produced the album?
Jacqui: The album was produced by a very talented producer, Vusi Ndlovu.

Indiego: Where did you record the album (studio?)MAG 9999 resized3
Jacqui: I recorded my album at our Studios, Odeum Productions in Jozi.

Indiego: Tell us a bit about the album. What does the title mean? How many songs are there on the album?
Jacqui: The album consists of 12 upbeat and mid tempo dance tracks with elements of funk, electro and house, and 1 ballad ; so 13 great tracks. The title of the album is also a title to one of the tracks; it simply means being ready to love yourself or to fall in love or to take on the world and having the inspiration to be just who you are.

Indiego: Is there a theme running through the album?
Jacqui: The messages are song specific. Love, strength, honesty and tenderness.

Indiego: Which single did you release first?
Jacqui: My first single was "Fade away"

Indiego: Have you managed to receive airplay as yet on any of the SA radio station?
Jacqui: I've been blessed to receive airplay from community, regional and national stations throughout the country.

Indiego: Any plans on shooting a video?
Jacqui: The video for "Fade away" is on Youtube; please do check it out below.

Indiego: What are your immediate plans for the next few months, especially after this album release?
Jacqui: Since the release of the album, I've embarked on a national Promo tour, which kicked off in Polokwane, then on to Jozi, Kimberley & Bloem. I will soon be launching in PE, Durban and CT.

Indiego: Where can fans catch you in the next few days/weeks if they would like to see you perform live?
Jacqui: Check out my updates about performances and appearances on @jacquicarpede, Jacqui Carpede on Facebook and Jacquicarpede on instagram. My website is currently under construction.

Indiego: What would you like to say to your fans and potential new fans out there?
Jacqui: In conclusion I would love to thank all our Jamali fans that are now supporting me on my journey as a solo artist. To my new fans I truly appreciate the love you are showing me; Thank you and I love you mwah. Lastly buy "Ready to love" :)

Jacqui CarpedeYou can review and purchase "Ready to Love" at itunes:

You can also check out Jacqui's facebook page her:

You can also purchase the album at Musica:


The Indiego Team would like to wish Jacqui all the best in her career and we will be following her closely on her journey as she grows from strength to strength.

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