Johannesburg-based singer/songwriter and musician, Ezra Mercury, has released a song, "Gemini", which has been accompanied by a video. The Indiego Team interviewed Ezra and asked him about the song and the video. But first, watch the video:


Ezra MercuryIndiego: Before we move on to the questions about your video, could you briefly tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Ezra Mercury?
Ezra: Just a kid who grew up trying to be Michael Jackson, I remember watching that video tape (beta cassette) of the Dangerous Tour for the first time as a little 4 year old, my eyelids glued to my forehead, my mind racing and thinking how unreal it all was. It's like that one video tape changed the course of my life. The next year at my preschool graduation I performed Billie Jean, my first on-stage performance ever - I had the glove and everything. Thinking back now I can only imagine how hilarious it must have been.

Indiego: Is this your first official video release?
Ezra: Yes, and I cannot contain the excitement

Indiego: Did you write the song and compose the music?
Ezra: I have been lucky enough to have written/composed all the tracks in my upcoming debut album.

Indiego: Who directed and produced the video? And the song?
Ezra: The song was produced by the brilliant Brendan Campbell who produced artists such as Daniel Baron, Cara, Proverb, Cindy Alter, Rubber Duc and the list goes on. As for the direction of the music video, I met up with the amazing Matt Marinus who also happens to be the drummer of 'The Greame Watkins Project', and we discussed the story line and logistics of putting this project together and , well, made it happen.

Indiego: Where did you record the song?
Ezra: Audio Room studios

Indiego: Tell us a bit about the video. What does the title mean? What is the story in the video?
Ezra: Well when I wrote this song, I was going through probably the toughest break up. It was one of those relationships that you know is not good for you but the chemistry is just so strong that it's hard to let go . . . . . . yep !!! that was basically it. So a "Gemini" was what she was, the kinda girl who tells you how much you mean to her and how in love she is with you, You're just the greatest guy in the world, but then 5mins later, for lack of a better way of saying it, "you're a useless piece of S#!T". So pretty much that's what the song is about; but when making the video, I wanted to look deeper into the concept of a "Gemini" and relate to more than just a Guy-Girl relationship, I wanted to take a deeper look. I decided to look at the relationship between a father and son, which to me felt more meaningful.

Indiego: Were you involved in the creative aspects of the video?
Ezra: Matt and I worked as a team on this one, which some Nando's take-out keeping us going. Lol ;)

Indiego: Where was the video shot?
Ezra: We found the perfect garage in Weltervreden park and the owners where kind enough to let us use it.

Indiego: Who's the muso's in the video?
Ezra: Spac Lingwood and Brendan Campbell, who will also be touring with me later this year.

Indiego: Is this song part of an album?PhotoGrid 1398922037838-1-1
Ezra: It's the first official release off the debut album, which will be released in Sep this year (2014). We did a pre-release of a track called 'Calling it Over' which got quite a bit of play on the local and varsity radio stations, however it was more of a sneak peak. The official track will be released later this year. We plan of releasing 2 more singles before the album's official launch.

Indiego: What are your immediate plans for the next few months, especially after this video release?
Ezra: I am working closely with an organisation called 'Oasis Haven' at the moment, who are a haven for orphaned and abandoned children; they are desperately in need of raising R1.6million by Feb 2015. We have, along with our sponsors, put together a showcase which we will taking to 50 schools in the JHB area to try and raise the funds needed. Basically my debut tour will serve a deeper purpose than just playing some songs.

Indiego: When can we expect your next video?
Ezra: My producer and I are at each other's throats all the time arguing about which track gets preference, so (there will be a video) as soon as we agree on something. At the moment I am eager to release a track called 'Can I (love you)'.

Indiego: Where can fans catch you in the next few days/weeks if they would like to see you perform live?
Ezra: Visit the Website and sign up to the mailing list and stay in the loop.

Indiego: What would you like to say to your fans and potential new fans out there?
Ezra: Thank you so much, without you we pretty much a bunch of nerds sitting around trying to make sense of things.

The Indiego Team would like to wish Ezra all the best with his career, and we look forward to the release of his album.

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