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Cape Town-based singer/songwriter, Saalim Ismail, has released his latest single "Stronger". The Indiego team had the pleasure of interviewing this talented singer/songwriter and asked him about his latest release. But first, take a listen to the song:

SaalimIsmailPicture resizedIndiego: Before we move on to the questions about your new release, could you briefly tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Saalim Ismail?
SI: Saalim Ismail is an upcoming independent recording artist, composer, creative entrepreneur and humanitarian from Cape Town, South Africa.

Indiego: Did you write the lyrics and compose the music for the song?
SI: Indeed I have.

Indiego: Who produced the song? Where was it recorded? How long did it take to record?
SI: The song was co-produced by me and the talented Moeneeb Galant who also recorded it in his studio based in Crawford, Cape Town. It took roughly about 2 hours to lay down the lead vocals.

Indiego: Did you release the song as an independent or is there a publisher and/or record label involved?
SI: Both my debut single "Walking Away" and "Stronger" are independently released and distributed by a digital distributor.

Indiego: Tell us a bit about the song. What does the title mean? And what is the song about?
SI: I think the title "Stronger" is self-explanatory. It is somewhat a follow-up of my debut single, however, "Stronger" encourages one in such a situation to not feel sorry for one's self but to rather reflect on it, take a stand and allow the situation to make you wiser in order to become a survivor and a fighter! It's definitely a musical piece of an empowering nature.

Indiego: Did you play any of the instruments for the recording? Did you also sing the harmonies in the song?
SI: I have played in most of the instrumentation like the Organ, piano, part of the bass line and also programed the drums. The backup vocals and harmonies were done by Mr Moeneeb Galant.

Indiego: Who are the musicians in the recording?
SI: In this digital age, producing music has become so much easier especially with the pre-recorded instruments. So I could say that the musicians on this track was myself, Moeneeb; also the two really talented brothers Faghri and Rameez Hendricks who played the electric guitars and bass.

Indiego: Any plans on shooting a video for the song?
SI: Most definitely - we are planning on shooting the music video to this track.

Indiego: Is this song part of an album?
SI: yes - It will possibly form part of my debut EP/Album I am currently working towards.

Indiego: What genre would you say the song falls into?SaalimIsmailPicture resized A
SI: I'd say Alternative-rock or pop-rock. It has a 'poppish' feel with a bit of edge.

Indiego: What are your immediate plans for the next few months?
SI: Definitely to release the music video for "Stronger", and also working on writing and composing some new material for the EP/Album.

Indiego: When can we expect your next release? (Single or album)
SI: It's kind of hard to predict when the next record would be released as I'm an independent/unsigned artist without the financial backing of a record label. Also, I do not like to rush the creative process as I set quite high standards for myself. So, I take the time to write honest music which could stand the test of time.

SI: Indiego: Where can fans catch you in the next few days/weeks if they would like to see you perform live?
It would be best for my Muzes (fans) to watch check my website and keep up to date via Twitter, Facebook and Google plus.

Indiego: What would you like to say to your fans and potential new fans out there?
SI: To my Muzes, words cannot express how humbled I am by your continued support, I thank you for that! To those who don't know me, yet, you are welcome to join me on this musical journey!

The Indiego team would like to wish Saalim Ismail all the best in his career and we look forward to his next release.

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