SInger/songwriter & musician, Cindy Alter, has released a new single "Thrive". The Indiego team had the pleasure of speaking to Cindy about her latest release.

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First take a listen to "Thrive", the new single released by Cindy Alter:

Indiego: Before we move on to the questions about your new release "Thrive", could you briefly tell us a bit about yourself. I'm sure many people remember you from the days of "Clout", but what have you been up to these past few years?
Cindy: Yes, it's been a very long time since Clout days, and I've been active in the music business since then, which is 36 years, believe it or not. After Clout, I worked in one of the first multi-racial bands, "Zia", and then I moved to Los Angeles, till 2005. I then returned to South Africa, doing a new 'Clout' album and toured for about a year and a half, then joined forces with Stewart Irving (ex-Ballyhoo), and now have the band "Alter Irving". We released an album a couple years ago, and still work together as a duo, and with the band. I have a lot of songs sitting in a pile and I decided it was time to do a solo album.

Indiego: Did you write the lyrics and compose the music for the song "Thrive"?
Cindy: I wrote the lyrics and the music for "Thrive".

Indiego: Who produced the song? Where was it recorded? How long did it take to record?
Cindy: It was produced by Brendan Campbell in a studio in Northcliff and took about 3 weeks to complete.

Indiego: Did you release the song as an independent or is there a publisher and/or record label involved?
Cindy: I have released it as an independent and it is published through my publishing company. At this time, no record company is involved.

Indiego: Tell us a bit about the song. What does the title mean? And what is the song about?
Cindy: The lyrics are about my journey through life to this point, especially about being a survivor. But, just surviving is not enough, one must also thrive and grow and be happy. So, this is a message to all of us in this crazy world, we need to go beyond just surviving, we need to blossom!

Indiego: Did you also sing the harmonies in the song?
Cindy: I sang all the harmonies and chants in the song.

Indiego: Any plans on shooting a video for the song?
Cindy: I am shooting a video on Wednesday 21st May, hopefully to release by the first week of June.

Indiego: Is this song part of an album?
Cindy: Yes, I have never done a solo album in South Africa and am very excited to be doing it now at this stage of my life.

Indiego: What are your immediate plans for the next few months?
Cindy: I am working on my album, playing as many gigs with 'Alter Irving' that I can, and preparing my live solo show with some new songs to be on the album and some old stuff that people remember. I am also writing a book about my life, hopefully to be released by the end of the year.

Indiego: When can we expect your next release? (single or album)
Cindy: Within the next month or so I will release another single from the album.

Indiego: Where can fans catch you in the next few days/weeks if they would like to see you play live?

Cindy: I will be with Alter Irving at the Ascot hotel in Norwood on the 24th May, and then touring up to Palaborwa, back first week in June. Check out my facebook pages for upcoming dates: Cindy Alter Live Entertainment or Alter Irving Bandor my twitter account #cindyAlter or my website –

Indiego: What would you like to say to your fans and potential new fans out there?
Cindy: I appreciate all those music lovers out there who want to hear music that speaks to their hearts and souls, and I hope that you are all following your dreams.

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The Indiego team would like to thank Cindy Alter for answering all our questions, and we wish her all the best in her solo & band career.