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De-Wet Nagel releases new single - The world has lost its mind

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1463037 752147321465677 113524863 n resized(Photograph by Tasmin Copley)

De-Wet Nagel is a multi-instrumentalist musician, actor, writer and composer with over ten years of teaching experience.

As composer De-Wet Nagel has released music on iTunes USA and composed various songs for film including a Soundtrack for the short film Heartbeat. Currently De-Wet Nagel is composing for the upcoming film Shoot The Beat and writing the screenplay for the film 5am Beautiful in which he will also be featured as an actor.

He was born in the city of Windhoek in the heart of Namibia. His music career started after immigrating to South Africa in 1999 while still in school where he played as session musician in various bands and projects and started writing and teaching music.

In 2005 he started the successful music school Ultimate Drummers with the aim to bring Drum-kit and Electric Guitar lessons to high school students as part of their school curriculum and to accredited them with an international qualification in music which is done in affiliation with Trinity College London. After teaching for almost a decade and integrating Drum-kit and Electric Guitar in eight schools in the Western Cape he decided to peruse a career in acting.

You can listen to a review of his latest single "The world has lost its mind" on itunes:

Read more about his project  - The Darkest Diary below:

My Darkest Diary is a conceptual music project created by De-Wet Nagel with the aim to connect fans and musicians with charity and using music to better society.

Every musician that manages to get airplay on the radio has a voice and it is in My Darkest Diary that they can use that voice to instill positive change in the world. The idea is for each musician or band to create a single track within My Darkest Diary to advocate a particular charity, organization or institution that they champion in changing our world and for fans to unite with their favorite artists in supporting that charity.

The single 'This World Has Lost Its mind' is De-Wet's protest against drugs. The single cover is a photo taken by Miss Hepburn Photography where De-Wet used actual water based ink in his eyes to reflect his stance on the severity in which recreational drug use should be viewed. Immediately after the photo shoot  De-Wet started coughing ink and blood and ink started leaking out of his nose due to the fact that it had started running through his sinuses after seeping into his tear ducts.


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