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Sane Ndlovu has released his debut music video -1 Reason (Ukuze Ngiyekele). The Indiego team interviewed Sane about his video. Read what he said about the video.


Indiego:  How does it feel to have your debut video released?

Sane: Feels great, seeing all the positive comments and appreciation from people from all corners is what strikes me the most.

Indiego: Did you write the song? If not, who wrote the song?

Sane: I wrote the entire song.

Indiego: Who directed and produced the video? And who produced the song?

Sane: I provided the entire concept as I deduced it from a real life experience but the video was directed and shot by Justin Campos of Gorilla films.

Indiego: Tell us a bit about the video. What does the title mean?  

Sane: This video is an introduction to the love story which I shared with my ex, it tells of how we met and how we would fight and eventually make up as you will see in the first verse when I approach her and she was blown away, then the second verse where we are arguing and the bridge/rap where we have made up. This video tells a love story shared between two young people which undergo the same challenges which all young couples go through but the key is that we are trying to stick together and are not willing to split up hence the title(“give me one reason why I should let go-Ukuze ngiyekele(only then I will let go)”)

Indiego: What is the story behind the video?

Sane: Similarly to my answer above the video tells of the introduction of the love I once shared with my ex, it shows how we met, how we fought and argued and most importantly how we always made up, worked through our differences and always stuck together no matter what dilemma we faced as when all was said and done neither of us could give the other a valid reason as to why we should be apart therefore we always endured.

Indiego: Where you involved in the creative aspects of the video?

Sane: Yes, I provided the entire concept even down to the wardrobe, the model selection, I contributed slightly to the choreography and even played a major role in the post-production(editing) of the video.

Indiego: Where was it shot?

Sane: Club Hush in Rosebank

Indiego: Is this song part of an album?

Sane: Yes, it is.

Indiego: On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of the video? Would you have done anything differently?

Sane: I would say I have a 9/10 satisfaction rating because regardless of how great or perfect a product, song or video can be I always want to allow room for self-growth and improvement. If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would not change a thing - so no, I would not do anything differently.

Indiego: What are your immediate plans for the next few months, especially after this video release?

Sane: I will be completing my album titled “Tributes to a Beautiful Soul” which is an open love letter and complete dedication to my ex, the only girl I have ever loved, Then after that I plan on promoting the album via social networks, interviews and all other relevant album promoting mediums. Then I will partake in a 4 city tour (JHB, Durban, Cape Town and Lagos {Nigeria}) to promote my album and then I will officially launch my album. In the time prior to releasing my album, I will shoot and release two other music videos for my upcoming singles which further tell the story of the greatest love I have ever shared up to the point where it was no more.

Indiego: When can we expect your next video?

Sane: Towards the end of March 2014

Sane: Thanks for the great interview, I must say this was a great set of questions and I hope I provided the best answers possible. I hope all the people on your website will enjoy this. Good luck with your website.

 Indiego: Thank you so much from the Indiego Team, and we wish you all the best in your music career.

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