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The Indiego Team had the pleasure of interviewing South African singer/songwriter Megan C. We asked her about her music and some of her plans for the future.

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Indiego: Can you remember at what age you started singing or playing music?
Megan C: I was 3 years old when I started performing covers on top of the jungle gym; I was 5 years old when I announced that I was going to be a singer & 8 years old when I wrote my first song.

Indiego: Do you play any musical instruments?
Megan C: No, only voice.

Indiego: Are you self-taught or did you study music formally?
Megan C: I'm extremely musical & that is what lead me to take up classical singing training with Reinet Smit when I was 16 years old, I then went on to become a triple threat with my degree in Musical Theatre (Cum Laude) from Tshwane University of Technology.

Indiego: Besides singing, are you involved in any other art forms? (Acting, modelling, theatre, etc.)
Megan C:I retired from Musical Theatre 3 years ago to pursue my career in TV, film & to focus on my music. I am an actress, dancer, model, facilitator and horse rider. Soon I'll be able to add scriptwriter to this ever-growing list!

Indiego: Do you enjoy one more than the other? Or do you feel that you need to pursue both avenues? XS 1238 resized
Megan C: Fortunately because of my training and versatility I can appreciate everything I do. One can't be done without the other; there is a constant rhythm in my story telling.

Indiego: Which famous musician/s do you admire the most? Why?
Megan C: My two heroes are Celine Dion & Michael Jackson. Both of them very humble but ridiculously brilliant! They are completely committed to the music and humbled by it's power to move people. I'm a small town girl with a big voice, this appeals to me.

Indiego: What is your favourite album or cd of all time?
Megan C: Now you are putting me on the spot!!! I really enjoy debut albums. The only album that I enjoy that is not a debut album is "The Evolution of Robin Thicke" by Robin Thicke, otherwise debut albums rock my socks

Indiego: What genre would you say your music falls into?
Megan C: Pop would be my first answer but for the last few months I have been working with the multitalented Riaan Fourie on my debut album. I'm finally writing and singing in a style that feels right. It's been the most gratifying experience. I'll have another answer for you in a few months. Exciting times ahead!

Indiego: Do you write your own lyrics?
Megan C: Yes, I was a published poet by the age of 13. My lyrics and themes stem from my poetry.

Indiego: Have you officially released any songs/albums? Any collaborations? Any plans for the future?
Megan C: I have just released a summer track with dance duo Epic Minds called "What You Waitin' For". It was played in the UK five hours after it's release. I have many collaborations coming up aside from the EP's and singles released since 2008. I am in the process of writing my debut album.

Indiego: Do you perform often in public? (Concerts, clubs, restaurants, events, radio, TV?)
Megan C: The fact that writing my album has also allowed me to find my sound I have had to keep live gigs to a bare minimum. When I perform live again, you will hear the most honest version of me.

Indiego: When performing live, do you play mainly original music, or do you also play covers?
Megan C: I've been lucky enough to perform my own music but I always slip covers in to my set. When I do corporate gigs, I do covers.

Indiego: Do you practice on a regular basis or do you practice mainly before an event?
Megan C: The vocal chords are muscles, they must be trained. I have singing lessons with the incredible Adele Strombeck and I do vocal warm ups every morning at least 2 hours after I've woken up. For the moment I rest on weekends.

Indiego: Are you a full time or part time musician/artist?
Megan C: Full time.

Indiego: How do you balance your music/performances with other obligations –spouse/partner (if not single), family, job, etc.?
Megan C: I'm in the most loving relationship. My partner knew that I was unhappy in musicals and helped me make my decision to retire. I've had Doc's full understanding and support from the beginning. The only time I struggled to keep up was during my time as DJ Stacy on Rhythm City but we still managed to work it out. There's no need to juggle anything when you're in a good partnership.
I hear from my Mom and Dad every day, I'm their last-born; I never have to beg for attention!

Portrait MeganC resizedIndiego: Where are you currently based?
Megan C: Johannesburg, South Africa.

Indiego: Are you planning on moving elsewhere to pursue your career?
Megan C: Yes, ever since I set my sights on the international market I've been a much happier artist. I have a couple of options; let's see what happens when the album gets released.

Indiego: As a musician in South Africa, do you feel that there are enough opportunities to grow and be exposed? What would you like to see changed? (if anything)
Megan C: We are dying of exposure! Whether there are opportunities or not, there is simply no money in it because we are offered a drink & exposure as payment. We need to get paid for services rendered so that we can push ourselves further. You don't only need money to survive; you need money to better yourself. There is a reason why we are called professionals; we should be treated as such.
Artists also need to share and support more with regards to information and collaborations. We need to nurture each other, this industry is fickle and we need to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Indiego: What are your plans for the next few months?
Megan C: I have recently been announced as the co-host of TMTVSA Entertainment News on TMTVSA (www.tmtvsa.co.za). We are revolutionizing the way we experience entertainment by going online. I will be inspiring you with SA's latest and greatest in entertainment. I'll be shooting my first episode soon.
I will also be writing up a storm and residing in studio for the next few months with my album and all my collaborations.

Indiego: And last, but not least: what do you want to say to your fans or potential fans out there?
Megan C: Thank you and thank you in advance! For the last 10 months I've been busy promoting my music and building a platform, thanks to you I have made quite an impression, so much so that I was nominated in two categories for the first ever Love Music Awards, I won for Best Pop Artist for 2014 thanks to the support of my fan base! Being an indie artist is hard and we rely on your support. I can't thank you enough!

Listen to Megan C featured on a track with Epic Minds - the track is called W.Y.W.F. (What You Waiting For)

Watch Megan C perform "I got it" - featuring Ameen Harron.


Watch Megan C appearing in an advert:

Connect with Megan on any of the following links and listen to her music.






 XS 1405 resizedThe Indiego Team would like to wish Megan C all the best in her career, and we will be following her as she continues on her journey.


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