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The Indiego Team had the pleasure of interviewing the exciting South African singer/songwriter and Producer, Lokka Vox. read what she had to say about her career and her future plans.

Indiego: Do you remember when you started playing music/singing? How old were you, and what made you get into it?
Lokka: I can definitely remember experimenting with song writing at the age of 10, when I played piano everyday and sang my heart out. I have been into music and singing since I can remember, so for me it was one of those natural attractions and always came very easy. I can still remember the first song I ever wrote... very dramatic I tell you. haha

Indiego: What was the first song that you learned to sing?
Lokka: My first famous song that worked out on the piano was 1000 miles by Vanessa Carlton. I just listened to it over and over again until I figured out the notes. That is still how I work out songs today. I can read music, but I preffer playing by ear.

Indiego: Besides the singing, what else do you do (musically)?
Lokka: I play piano, I use to play flute, but other than that, I write songs everyday!

Indiego: Are you a self-taught musician, or did you study music formally?
Lokka: I studied classical piano up tp Gr6, but I never finnished because the lessons were boring and I only ever practised my own songs...

Indiego: Which famous musician/singer do you admire the most? Why?1382192 454413598004835 416814190 n resized
Lokka: I don't really have one favourite; I listen to so many styles and artists that is difficult to say. But I could tell you that the ones that come to my head instantly is Medina, Nicole Sheirzinger, Ellie Goulding, Jamie Woon, Inna and Tatu.

Indiego: Do you write your own lyrics and compose your own music? If you write your own lyrics, what inspires your lyrics?
Lokka: Absolutely. I usually come up with one word or idea and write around it. It comes so easy for me that I hardly ever think about it, I just write...

Indiego: What genre would you say your music falls into?
Lokka: When it comes to my own productions it is a mix of Pop, Lounge and EDM, but most of the vocal work I do is for EDM, Trance, House and Big Room. My favourite genre is chill house and to be honest that is what I listen to most of the time.

Indiego: Have you officially released any songs/albums? Any plans for the future?
Lokka: No, I am waiting for the right label and opportunity. You know, the big break. My collaborations have been released with Armada, Enhanced, Melodika, and other big dance lables. Allso ofcourse on Beatport and Itunes.

Indiego: Do you release songs as an independent or are you signed to a record label?
Lokka: No, I work fully independent. I am my own Boss.

Indiego: Are you a full time or part time musician/artist? If part-time, what is your profession?
Lokka: Full time, this is my life.

Indiego: Do you prefer to work alone or do you enjoy collaborations?
Lokka: If I collaborate I prefer to do my part allone. I have never really worked closeley with other people. I just do my thing and wrap up the track.

Indiego: Are you busy with any recording projects at the moment? (or planning to record in the near future?)
Lokka: I am always busy with new work. I average 3 songs a week for other producers around the world. If I get gigs as a singer, I will do them for fun.

Indiego: Where are you based?
Lokka: South Africa

Indiego: Have you recorded or performed overseas?
Lokka: I have sung at a few clubs with the DJ's I have worked with, and I recorded a cool vocal in Italy once when I was there to do a music video for a upcoming release.

Indiego: Are you planning on moving elsewhere to pursue your career?
Lokka: Not at the moment, but if the opportnity is there, I will definitely take it.

Indiego: What's been the highlight of your music career so far?
Lokka: I don't know. I love what I do in every aspect, but I guess the opportunity to have travelled a bit was great and allso meeting new people and building a relationship with them. I love the fact that I can work from my home and get my vocals across the globe in an instant.

Indiego: What are your plans for the future?
Lokka: I only have one goal... To go big!!!!

Indiego: And last, but not least: what do you want to say to your fans or potential fans out there?
I guess I would like to say that I hope my music, lyrics and voice could touch your life in some way, whether it lifts u up or makes you think. Even if it just makes u feel good, then my mission is complete. I love touching people and giving them something worth more than just a song.

Links: You can check out some of Lokka's songs on Soundcloud HERE

You can listen to her vocal showcase on Youtube HERE

You can also Like her facebook pages below:



Watch the first official video featuring Lokka Vox (released Sep 2014) 

Take a listen to one of her songs here. This song, "Room4love" was produced and mixed by Lokka.

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The Indiego Team would like to wish Lokka Vox all the best in her career and we are sure that we are going to hear a lot about her in the near future.

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