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md6The indiego team had the pleasure of interviewing music producer Mikey Dee, who provided us with some insight into his career, and his passion for God.

Indiego: Who is Mikey Dee?

Mikey Dee: A music producer who is currently based in Chatsworth, Durban. My passion for music began at the young age of 11 as a budding guitarist, then progressed to the keyboard which is my main instrument. I am a multi instrumentalist. Church was the platform for my growth as a musician. My ability to play by ear is truly an ability that has been endowed to me by God.


Indiego: When and how did you get into production?

MD: Opportunity came my way at the age of 24, when I began working at a recording studio in Pinetown. Having the passion for music and the dream to one day be able to produce music, became a reality for me. It is at this studio that I learnt the art and skill to record, mix and produce music. This opportunity helped broaden my vision and passion to pursue my career as a music producer. I then resigned from the studio that I worked in and opened up my own studio production house (KEY ESSENTIALS MUZIQ PRODUCTIONZ), where I am currently based.


Indiego:Do you specialize in a certain genre, or do you produce for various artists in various genres?

MD: My sound is a mix of soulful modern music blended with traditional rhythms. My productions range from gospel, soul, rock, dance, house, hip-hop, funk, afro, blues, rnb and jazz.


Indiego: Who are some of the artists that you have produced for?

MD: I have produced/recorded well known, Thulani Shezi (Joyous Celebration), Quinto Mbele Stax), Richard Jon Smith (UK), SOS (Inanda), Total Praise (Mondli Zondi), and many others. I have also done music productions for a church program on TBN.


md3Indiego: What are the companies you have worked with?

MD: I have worked with Mouse Mix Media, Highway radio 101.5, East Coast Radio, Lotus FM, The Department of Communication (community based programs).


Indiego: What are the services that you offer?

MD: I offer live recordings for bands and solo artists, demos , radio adverts, jingles, soundtracks, music productions, arrangements and compositions, wedding introductions, sound hire, movie and TV intro and extro potfolio. I also do CD mastering. I also am a music tutor and teach keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and drums and singing.


Indiego: Did you play any of the instruments in the recordings?

MD: In most recordings I do produce (play) all instrument parts eg. Piano, drums, bass, guitar and synthesizers.


Indiego: Are you full time in music?

MD: Yes I am. All thru’ the grace of God.


Indiego: What are some of your accomplishments musically?

MD: In 2003 I toured the USA with a gospel group call CEAD. We played at the Stellar Press Conference Awards and also at the Potters House. I shared the stage with the likes of Yolanda Adams, Beau Williams, Marvin Winans and others.


Indiego: How do you balance your music with other obligations – religion, spouse/partner (if not single), children (if any), job, etc.?

MD: To get more balance in life means you need to know yourself well and manage your commitments It also requires being a good steward of the gifts and blessings God has given to a person. I find my balance by making time for family, friends, my involvement in church and enjoying life as an individual. The key for me to balancing my music with other obligations is planning myself well via schedules and making the necessary adjustments when necessary.


Indiego: Where are you currently based?

MD: Durban, Chatsworth


Indiego: Are you planning on moving elsewhere to pursue your career?

MD: I would if the need arises; with music you have to be versatile to change, be it in genre at times or in geographic location.


Indiego: Do you own your own studio?



Indiego: What does your studio consist of ?md5

MD: I work with pc and mac. Some of the software that I use are Reason, Protools, Cubase and Sound Forge. Some equipment and instruments are: Genelec Monitors, Oktava Microphone, Pearl Drumkit, Nord synth and M-audio Prokeys 88.


Indiego: What is the one thing in your studio that you never do without?

MD: lol. That would be my pc. Without a good pc, work would be a nightmare.


Indiego: If you had the opportunity to work with an international artist in the studio, who would it be?

MD: Yolanda Adams


Indiego: Who is your favourite producer?

MD: Kevin Bond


Indiego: What would you want to say to your family , fans etc.

MD: To my family, thank you for your support and encouragement.  To my fans , thank you for your continual support . It enables me to go much further.  To my Heavenly  Father, I thank you for the abilities you have given me which allows me to be  a blessing and in return be blessed. 


In Conclusion, I would also to say: .....if music is your pulse and passion, pursue that. I was 11 when music inspired me not just to appreciate its diversity and sound, but music has birthed within me a desire to become a music producer, creating my own unique sound.  It is with this that I want to encourage all budding musicians to pursue that dream and keep that dream alive. Should you have the opportunity to study music, pursue that.  All the best in achieving your dreams. . My  philosophy is “ make an impression with your expression.


Listen to one of Mikey Dee's Productions:

 mikey dee II

Listen to more Mikey Dee productions at: https://soundcloud.com/mikeydee503

Contact Mikey Dee at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Follow Mikey on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikydeeII

Follow Mikey on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/mrCre8iv

The Indiego team would like to thank Mikey Dee for giving us the time in taking our questions. May his career grow from strength to strength.




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