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The Indiego team had the opportunity of putting out some questions to Cara about her music and her career. Read what she says below:

Indiego: At what age did you start singing? (or becoming involved in music?)

Cara: At 7, my mum says I told her that I wanted to be a singer, and by 10, I was having vocal lessons.


Indiego: What instruments do you play?

Cara: I started playing the violin when I was in grade 3 at school.


Indiego: What was the first tune(s) you learned to play and/or song that you learned to sing?

Cara: Hot cross buns on the piano, I played a lot of the Beatles and Abba on my violin and one of the first songs I learnt to sing was “Ava Maria”.


 Indiego: Does your family have a musical background?1380421 444449645654500 1615299856 n rsZ

Cara: Both my grandfather and uncle are very good singers: my grandfather still sings in a choir and my uncle went to the Drakensburg boys choir school.


Indiego: Which famous musician/s do you admire the most? Why?

Cara: I admire Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse and Eartha Kitt, I would be so lucky to have any of their careers: they have incredibe vocal ability and soul, and I could listen to all of their songs on repeat!


Indiego: Are you self-taught or did you study music formally?

Cara: I have my grade 5 in music theory, grade 8 in violin, was in the choir at school, and have had vocal lessons, but also learn a lot from other musicians as I listen to them and study their music.


Indiego: Were you influenced by any old records, tapes or CD’s? Which ones? What is your favourite album or cd of all time?

Cara: I was definitely influenced by old records. I grew up singing jazz, listening to and learning from Ella Fitzgerald, Eartha Kitt and Frank Sinatra. I loved listening to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Andrea Bocelli, The Beatles, Abba, and the Beach Boys. My favourite CD of all times has to be Sounds Of Summer by the Beach Boys as this CD brings back such amazing childhood memories with my family.


 Indiego: Do you use social media to connect and share? Which is the main platform that you use?

Cara: I definitely do, I use Facebook as my main hub www.facebook.com/CARAisMusic but am also on twitter @CARAisMusic on Instagram caraismusic, on Soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/CARAismusic on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/CARAisMusic and have my website www.CARAisMusic.com


Indiego: Have you officially released any songs/albums? (and what are your future plans with regards to singles or albums?)

Cara: I’ve had 3 releases so far: Insomnia, Same Moon, and Hide&Seek. My future plan is to keep releasing singles; right now Im working on new material!


Indiego: Has your music provided you with the opportunity to travel so far?

Cara: Absolutely, I’ve been lucky enough to have spent 3 years on and off in Los Angeles and in Europe learning and growing as a musician.


presspic1 rszIndiego: So far in your career, which of your performances did you enjoy the most?

Cara: Definitely my performance at Circa Art Gallery in JHB; what an exquisite setting, awesome turnout, I really enjoyed performing and to top it off the performance was very well received. All together, couldn’t have asked for a better evening!


Indiego: Are you currently preparing for any specific projects/performance?

Cara: I am writing a lot at the moment, working on new material and focusing on getting a band together for live gigs.


Indiego: Do you write your own lyrics?

Cara: Absolutely; I really enjoy writing, expressing myself through music, and sharing a little bit of me with my fans.


Indiego: How often, and for how long do you practice?

Cara: I work on my voice daily but every day is different, If I have a show, I’m in studio for several hours a day; when I don’t have a show, I focus on expanding my range and working on my vocals as well as writing. This could be 2 hours or it could be 6, it depends. I need to read my body and work of this so as not to strain my voice and maintain a healthy balance.


 Indiego: Beside music, do you have any other passion/hobby/career that keeps you busy?

Cara: I also show jump for South Africa, I competed at the last world games in 2010 and am working towards being chosen to represent South Africa again at this world games.


Indiego: Do you have a management team that takes cares of all you planning, marketing, bookings etc?

Cara: I absolutely do! Very lucky to have such an amazing support system! My manager can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Indiego: Where are you currently based?

Cara: South Africa and Europe (I travel Europe competing as a South African show jumper)


Indiego: Are you planning on moving elsewhere to pursue your music career?

Cara: As a South African show jumper, I am in Europe a lot and do take adantage of this, as I try to link up with producers/writers/ music industry people in whichever country Im in.


Indiego: And last, but not least: what do you want to say to your fans or potential fans out there?

Cara: Find your passion in life, dream big, reach for the stars, work hard, be determined, focused and NEVER GIVE UP!


The Indiego team would like to thank Cara and Sarah Jane Nicholson (from the Management Team) for answering all our questions that we put forward. We would like to wish Cara all the best in her career as an artist, and as a show jumper.

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