15650 781601185187822 788536677 n resizedShanon Webb is an artist who is originally from Cape Town, but now residing in Johannesburg. Shanon creates music with a powerful message. It's the art of fusing poetry, rap and funk with a soulful sound.Music is in her blood; with her father being a musician, and siblings sharing this passion, there's no escaping the innate desire to create and communicate her unique take on love, life and true happiness with the world.

Shanon has been writing since the age of ten, when she started journalling her struggles and life challenges in her little notebooks or scrap paper. "My pen and paper would make the pain go away and would often times counsel me through life". Today these journal entries and poetic pieces pave the way for a fresh new indie sound.Shanon enjoys recreating her songs and making them appealing for today. Her first single ‘Moving On’ was written ten years ago and released in January 2013. This track is being played on Radio Stations throughout the Western Cape and throughout the African Continent.

The Indiego team put out some questions to Shanon about her music career and her life in general. See what she has to say:

Indiego: At what age did you start playing music, or started singing?

Shanon: I started my song writing when I was about 11 years old… I found the pen and notebook to be my means of escape from the chaotic world I was living in. Music has always been a part of me as my dad would often pick up the guitar and play songs and my sister and I would sing our hearts out.

Indiego: Do you play any instruments?

Shanon: I’m presently sharpening my guitar skills and play a little bit of keyboard.1545180 606100969439548 503835934 n resized

Indiego: What was the first tune(s) you learned or song that you sung?

Shanon: The first song I sung was Amazing Grace… it had this ability to speak straight to my heart, thus I found myself fascinated by it and I sang it all the time.

Indiego: Does your family have a musical background?

Shanon: Yes, my father is a guitarist… his side of the family are all musical. They had their own marching band, and were often times playing together as a family.

Indiego: Which famous musician/s do you admire? Why?

Shanon: I admire…. weirdly enough, Justin Bieber. Simply for the way in which he has reached his dream, his passion and his devotion to fans. I also admire artists like Lauren Hill, Sade and Jenelle Monae for their ability to stay true to who they are as artists and build a brand around their art… not just to meet commercial standards and sell records.

Indiego: Are you self-taught or did you study music formally?

Shanon: I’m self-taught, been singing in choirs and church worship teams for years.

Indiego: What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighbourhood or town?

Shanon: Some of my fondest musical memories would be seeing elderly people who are so consumed with problems in life… drink their wine and listen to Miss Judy Boucher and it all seems like their pain, sorrow and challenges in life fade away with each song. I remember how music would be the sense of escape to so many of the people in my community… music would help them through life.

Indiego: Were you influenced by any old records, tapes or CD’s? Which ones?

Shanon: I don’t know if this is old but… Chaka Khan was a big influence to me. Listening to my aunties records of Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Judy Boucher.

Indiego: What is your favourite album or cd of all time?

Shanon: CD would have to be the “Miseducation of Lauren Hill”… or Sade

1560446 781658441848763 507678785 n resizedIndiego: Do you use social media to connect and share? Which is the main platform that you use?

Shanon: I use FaceBook mainly

Indiego: Have you officially released any songs/albums? Any plans for the future?

Shanon: I have released one single, titled ‘Moving On’. I would like to release another single, work on an album, and then enter it for SAMA nominations

Indiego: Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, clubs, restaurants, events, radio, TV?

Shanon: My public performances are mainly in schools, colleges and varsities. My target market is the youth, so I find myself in places where they gather in numbers.

Indiego: Are you involved in any special projects at the moment? (brief summary of project)

Shanon: Special projects like my school tour?

Indiego: Do you write your own lyrics?

Shanon: I love writing my own lyrics… it gives me a sense of singing/performing something true to myself and what I feel.

Indiego: Do you get nervous before a performance? If yes, how do you deal with it?

Shanon: I do get nervous, then I remind myself that I was born for this…

Indiego: How often and for how long do you practice?

Shanon: I have to become more disciplined in this… but usually three times a week for one-two hours.

Indiego: Are you a full time or part time musician/artist? If part-time, what is your profession?

Shanon: I’m a full time artist, but I also run my business and Pastor a church.

Indiego: How do you balance your music/performances with other obligations – spouse/partner (if not single), children (if any), job, etc.?

Shanon: It’s tough, but I force myself to have a strict schedule that cannot be tampered with. Times and places and things that need to be done are enforced without compromise… unless an emergency pops up.

Indiego: Where are you currently based?

Shanon: Johannesburg, South Africa

Indiego: Are you planning on moving elsewhere to pursue your career?

Shanon: Yes, my plans are to take my Music to the UK/USA

Indiego: And last, but not least: what do you want to say to your fans or potential fans out there?

Shanon: My music is all about Living Life, Passion and Pursuing your Dreams… it will inspire you to be more, do more and live more… celebrating life to the extreme.


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