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Alternative rock band, Blame the Architects


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Indiego Interview



1.       Who are the members of the band?

Laura-Ann Harvey – 24, Vocals

Luke Cayzer – 25, Bass

Dylan Barker – 25, Guitar

Alex Temperley – 25, Drums


2.       Do all of you play music full time or part time?

Alex and Dylan study music full time at the Campus of Performing Arts (COPA) in Kensington

Laura and Luke are part time as they currently have full time jobs


3.       Where are you based as a band?

Mostly in and around Edenvale, but we’ve played Rumours often too.


4.       Do the people in your hometown support you? Do you have fans in your hometown?

We do have fans and they do support us. We’re trying to branch out to the people of South Africa , but our music is unusual and the process is slow, especially if you’re not gigging once a week


5.       How did you guys start out?

The band started in May 2010. The original name was Grindhouse, then The Wayke and finally, after a few changes in band members and style, the name Blame The Architects (BTA) was settled on.


6.       What are your hopes for the near future?

Near future hopes are simple. More gigs, more time on stage in front of different people.


7.       Have you released any songs/albums as yet?

We have one good demo called “Run Rabbit” currently released. It can be found on our web page, Facebook and YouTube.


8.       If you guys were to describe your music in a few words, what would you say?

Driving, melodic, unusual


9.       What's been your most embarrassing or worst experience so far as a band?

We haven’t really had any embarrassing or terrible moments. Dylan once jumped up at Black Dahlia, hit his head on the roof and fell on his bum. It wasn’t embarrassing though, he made it look so cool.


10.    How did you come up with the band name?

We really tried to find something that suited our style and personality as a unit. The idea stems from the hypocrisy of our democracy. Ideally, a nation would run smoothly if all involved were not corrupt or greedy. The word “architects” suggests creators and maintainers…. The ones who run the country/continent/world. They are the ones who still dictate our existence. We would have the people rise up, realize that we are many and they are few and place the blame among the corrupt


11.    What’s your favourite band of all time?

We love so many... we could probably settle on Tool though.


12.    What would you like to say to all your fans (and potential fans) out there?

Without you, we could not be.

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You can find Blame the Architects at their website here

Find their facebook page here

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