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Si-AnneMost artists claim to have had a passion for music from an early age, but what sets Si-Anne well ahead of the rest, is that she followed her dream to become not only a vocalist but a serious musician who can play no fewer than three instruments. Educated at the School of Performing Arts in Johannesburg, Si-Anne put her heart and soul into mastering bass guitar, piano and guitar, as well as techniques that have proved her worth as a versatile singer.Si-Anne, with her fashionable sense of style, was first exposed to live performance when she was 14 at NSA and at 17 became the youngest ever band member to tour South Africa in the Barnyard Theatre circuit. Soon after that she tried her hand in television reality show circles and came in the top 10 in the local version of Fame Academy in 2004 which gave her an opportunity to perform in front of millions of MNET television viewers. This success earned her a major gig performing at the Hilton Hotel in Dubai with Voodoo Child’s guitarist Brendon Gold. In 2010, she entered SA Idols and came in the top 30 out of literally thousands of hopefuls.

​The local music industry was very quick to pick up her talent as a bassist and to this day, she continues to session for Jesse Clegg(debut album), Koldproduk(Moki Sage ft on her album), Zubz The Last Letta(ft on her album) and Dozi to name a few. Si-Anne’s dream however, was to put together a full original act and the success that she had achieved thus far gave her the confidence to take a leap of faith to break into the South African music business and focus on working on original sound as a singer, song-writer backed by a DJ and outstanding dancers as she takes you on a journey.

​This self-confessed ambitious workaholic is set to release her debut album''Celebrity' in 2013 and has already had the first three singles – Tonight, Celebrity (We Just Don’t Care) and Super Legend – play listed on many main regional radio stations Highveld 94.7, Goodhope, 5Fm to name a few. Her music is genre ranges from Pop/Rock to Dance and she writes uplifting, feel good lyrics that are drawn from her life experiences. It is safe to say that her music reflects Si-Anne’s fun, creative and passionate personality.

​Si-Anne is an avid cook, and has a passion for anything that entails the people and the planet and is often involved in community outreach projects and environmental campaigns. Si-Anne’s mission is to get others following in her footsteps and encourages young people to create opportunities out of their passion and  take the next steps to create a successful career path. When asked what advice she can give to new artists, it is “have and courage to take that first step, that is where it all begins."

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Source: Si-Anne website (http://www.Si-Anne.com) - obtained with permission from the artist

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